Fabric Flexagon - Really fun little project!

There’s a young boy at my church with autism. I’ve been looking for something fun to make him, as we’ve become friends with his Dad, and I found this! It’s really fun and I’m excited to give it to him on Sunday. Please click on the link below to watch a video of what this ‘toy’ does. I’d never seen one before but these flexagons are normally made out of paper. This young man (who’s page I’m linking) made one out of fabric.


Here are pictures of mine, rotating through the colors I used.

His instructions were a little confusing for me but I was able to figure it out from his pictures (I’m a visual learner). I took pictures of my process and can upload them if anyone is interested in making one. I had so much fun making this (it’s a pretty quick project) and fun to play with so I’ll definitely be making more!



I drew an equilateral triangle and used that for my diamond. Sides are 3″ PLUS a 1/4″ seam allowance added after I drew the diamond. The end pieces of the blue and the green row are the original equilateral triangle, again with the seam allowance added to each side.

When your section’s are stuffed and sewn, join the two ends together. I stitched them together by hand (to baste it) and then went over it with my machine.