Mini bags, made with shampoo bottles and crochet

I cut the bottom of the bottle with scissors ; the point in which to cut must be chosen based on the shape of the container and the project one has in mind to carry out. I kept a portion of about 4 cm.

With a perforator (the one to make holes in the belts) I made many small holes close together just below the cutting line. For this operation you can also use the pyrography tool or a metal point, such as a wool needle, heated over a flame.

Pointing the hook directly into the holes I started the crochet, all in single crochet, working two stitches in each hole, but this depends on the size and distance of the holes from each other, as well as the type of yarn used.

I continued the work always in single crochet for 5 rounds; in the penultimate round I included the processing of the handles, made up of small arches of chains, passed over in single crochet in the last round, to give them thickness.

To give a touch of color to the bags, I passed a ribbon a through the holes vichy squares.