Category: HDPE Carrier bags

High-density, so called because of its high molecular weight, HDPE is very strong. For that reason, it’s the one that’s used most commonly in supermarkets, and is instantly recognisable by its distinctive rustling sound. Although brittle, HDPE is ideal for carrying heavy loads.

You also find Low Density (LDPE) bags

These bags are softer than HDPE, and slightly elastic so it is not as strong.

HD/LD Blend

A blend that combines the benefit of both polymers.

Co-Extruded poly (Co-ex)

The layering of two or more layers of polythene during the extrusion process.  The inside could be HD and the outside LD, or vice versa. The result – a  matt side for the HDPE and a glossy side for the LDPE, to add interest and strength to the overall effect – often to be seen in polythene mailing sacks.