Category: Bottle tops (PP)

A.K.A Bottle caps, Plastic bottle lids

PP (polypropylene, #5) is hard, rugged, and durable and commonly used for bottle caps of all types.

It is not always easy to tell which type of plastic a bottle cap is made out of because they don’t always have an identification code. There are differing opinions on which type of lids are most common and this may be due to the different types of products in different countries.

If you’re collecting plastic to melt down, its important to gather the same types together, it also affects how easy it is to drill holes. PP is harder to drill than HDPE.

  • PET bottles (fizzy drinks and water) often have lids made of PP #5
  • Most plastic living hinges, such as those on flip-top bottles
  • Dome caps are often PP
  • Spice caps are often PP

I will try and put PP cap projects here – it isn’t always easy to tell. A lot of reuse projects used mixed type plastic caps and they are in this category – Plastic screw caps.