Plastic bag rug without Crocheting

How to make a sleeping mat, or rug using plastic bags. This involves weaving and braiding, but no tools, or crocheting or knitting skills.

They can be washed with a garden hose or in a washing machine.

From the comments:
Possible uses – homeless mats, camping mat, beach mat, yoga mat, bath mat, patio chair pads or cushions, dog/cat mats, picnic blanket
Possible materials – t-shirts, bed sheets, bread bags

  • My mom and aunt use to make these rugs back in the 70’s using bread bags.
  • If you put a nail in a board or into the table to hold the top end it would go faster and easier to weave.
  • Almost the same technique for making cobra stitch paracord bracelets
  • This is almost like TWINING – just without the frame.
  • Uses about 600 bags for a 30 by 72″ mat The same amount that is used by crocheting
  • It is noisy!
  • Can you make it with a full bag so than you don’t waste the pieces you cut off?
  • Could make in an oval shape
  • You could snag them from the bag recycle box outside the store



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