Category: P#5 PP

A.K.A. Polypropylene

Polypropylene plastic is tough and lightweight, and has excellent heat-resistance qualities. It serves as a barrier against moisture, grease and chemicals. Around 70 percent of PP is estimated to be used in food contact applications. It has high melting point and can be filled with hot foods.

PP comes in many forms and has many uses:

  • Bags inside cereal boxes
  • Crystal clear plastic bags used for retail and presentation (BOPP)
  • Woven rice sacks and animal feed sacks
  • Plastic shopping bags with a woven appearance
  • Food containers e.g yoghurt containers –  tubs for dairy products sealed with aluminum foil (both heat-resistant materials) lids can be LDPE or polystyrene
  • Plastic straws (before they were banned – UK)
  • Bottle caps (including of PET bottles)
  • Most plastic living hinges, such as those on flip-top bottles
  • Syrup bottles
  • Tupperware
  • Buckets
  • Some car parts
  • Plastic chairs
  • Ropes, distinctive because they are light enough to float in water
  • Light shades using sheets with interlocking sections
  • Kettles and appliances
  • VHS and DVD cases
  • Sports clothing
  • Disposable sanitary napkin linings