Research. is a personal (and family) project by Ecomakery.




This project is a place to put my research in a place with the aim of finding it again! I link to it in my Development work. I found that the collection of links and notes stored on my computer was too big and cluttered to be useful. By setting them down in a custom post I can organise them better and by spending time categorising I can find links between thinks that I might not otherwise. Obviously, it is ‘Work in Progress’ but I like to think of it being a ‘Work of Process’, too.


I regularly revisit and re-evaluate the remit of this project and I am finding that its a good framework for asking questions:

  • Materials – What is it made of? How can you tell? How is that material made? Can it be recycled? What are its properties? Do those properties lend themselves to other uses? How are other people reusing it?
  • Techniques – Just how is it done? What are the variations? Can it be applied to any new materials?
  • Projects – What can I make from this material that is useful? What do I need and can it be made from something that I have already?
  • Sustainability – Our thoughts on the various impacts of this project are here.


Each source/person/organisation has a profile with hyperlinks back to the originals. I clearly don’t wish to take credit for anyone elses work.




I believe that knowledge of upcycling should be shared and freely available to have the most impact globally. I haven’t yet found a resource on the internet that attempts to collect and record useful techniques and information, with a focus on upcycling and related topics. Wouldn’t that be something? Of course, that wouldn’t be possible for one person to achieve, it would take many, many, many. But this is my first steps in imagining what shape such a resource could take.

Can you see the potential of an online resource for eco makers everywhere? Want to share ideas? Get in touch!



Your work on this site?

We have made our research public as we hope that it may serve others – with the goal of making things in a more environmentally friendly way. Happily, many people are fine with their already public work being shared on the internet.

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  • We have tried to source all posts to the best of our ability.
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