Category: Folded link chains

A.K.A. Gum wrapper chains, Candy wrapper chains, Hakaketju (hook chain in Finnish)

This was a popular hobby in the 1960’s. It is unknown when this fad began or when it reached the height of popularity in the United States. According to Gary Duschl, the current record holder of the world’s longest gum wrapper chain, the practise reached Canada in the 1960’s.

This technique may have originated from Mexican paper weaving, or from Polynesian weaving of palm fronds.

As a folk art, paper weaving is a craft practiced in prisons and other institutions but also as hobo art, and at children’s summer camp. Prisoners use cigarette wrappers, potato chip bags etc. – any kind of paper that works. Convicts weave paper to make frames, cup holders, jewelry boxes, scrap books, crosses, miniature churches and houses.