Tea bag folded earrings

I have made earrings of tea bags. This is according to Helene’s recipe for the basket, you have to fold 4 joints as the middle to the bottom, make a hole with a hollow pliers and insert an earring.

The dimensions of my pieces, of which I make earrings.

My template is 8.5 x 4 cm. There is a small hole in the template, it is to see which motif becomes visible. 4 tea bags are used for each earring. Finished dimensions of the earrings are 2.2 x 2.2 cm. I have not used tape to coat my tea bags for the earrings. They are not subject to wear and tear as a purse does.

Make a hole in one corner, remember not too close to the edge. Then the paper breaks, as you can see on the last one.
Take an earlobe, an eyeshadow and an open eyeshadow with 2 forceps.
Pick up the box with the tongs, put on the The bag, finally the earlobe and close the box.


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