Category: Linking

Connect, Join, Unite, Attach

External links

These links are added and are often made of a different material. They can be loops, rings, connectors, chain, wire.

Examples include:

  • Cable ties – a fastener consisting of a thin, flexible nylon (plastic #7) strap with a notched surface, one end of which is threaded through a locking mechanism at the other

Reuse! Cable ties are generally single-use devices, however they can be reopened with little or no damage by inserting a small flat object between the ratchet and the pawl, and pulling the pawl out. Some models have a mechanism to release the pawl and allow re-use.

  • Garment ties
  • Wire twists eg bread bag ties
  • Jump rings

Integral links

These links are made up of the material itself. They are ‘chains’ or linear in nature. See Interlocking for techniques that are not linear.


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