Eco-Friendly Recycled Candy Wrapper Handbags & Accessories

Clutch + Every/Any
Confetti baguette
Every/Any + The Daily
Ultra Wrapper Bag (left) + Coin Purse (top) + Barcode Bag (bottom)
Barcode bag
Doctors bag
Silver bag
Goldy McGold

Ecoist was founded in 2004 and created with the idea to “merge design with social and environmental consciousness to provide stylish, functional, and durable products.” The founders recognized the need to create a product that was more than green, but also had a visual appeal that would make people want to have it and then go out and buy it. And true to their mission, all their products are made through partnerships with fair-trade manufacturers and suppliers, and using materials that are eco-friendly in nature, whether organic or recycled.


Jonathan Marcoschamer: My family and I took a trip to Mexico in 2004. While there, we came across some handbags made by locals using waste such as candy wrappers. These bags were quite beautiful, but also, we noted, environmentally friendly. This inspired us to start a business in Miami where we could take the same concept, but expand it by creating partnerships with multinational brands to repurpose their waste.


Talk about trash to treasure! Where the rest of us saw a candy wrapper, Ecoist founders Helen and Jonathan Marcoschamer saw a material that could be re-used to create unique handbags. And they didn’t just stop at candy wrappers, they also use food packaging, soda labels, subway maps, and newspapers to weave together their stylish, study handbags. Unsurprisingly, the broad range of materials have yielded diverse aesthetics: from the bright and colorful to repeating motifs. The company offers a variety of sizes and shapes, so the eco savvy can show their style with something as small as a coin purse or as large as a tote.

Coin purses

Wristlets - Every/Any

The Clutch


The Baguette

Totes - The Daily

Satchels - The Botero

The Classic Tote

The Mega

Nazly Villamizar design (2009)

Hollywood collection 2011


Other designs

Portfolio by Helen Marcoschamer
The Skinny
Braided tote
Chip bowl
Key chain

Ecoist, USA


( 2004-2016)

Ecoist was founded in 2004 by brothers Jonathan and Yair Marcoschamer alongside their mother, Helen Marcoschamer and sister-in-law, Gabriela.

The company collaborated with designers to merge design with social and environmental consciousness to provide stylish, functional, and durable handbags and other  accessories. Ecoist ws mostly known for its line of handbags made from recycled candy wrappers, food packages, and soda labels. As part of its commitment to environmental restoration, Ecoist planted a tree for every handbag sold.

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What have we learnt?

These guys had a lot of fun with colours and naming the designs. Not knowing much about bag styles – here’s some things I learnt about styles:

  • The Every/Any was the most popular style and bestseller –  use for phone, keys, glasses, cash and make-up.
  • Pochette means a woman’s small handbag shaped like an envelope. With the Ecoist’s design it has a shoulder strap.
  • The Baguette – named for the shape – spacious interior and functional shoulder strap used to bring you from day to night…

About names:

  • Confetti is a good name for multicoloured!

About materials:

  • Candy wrappers, bottle labels
  • Newspaper and magazines are coated in cellophane

About wrapper designs:

  • Barcodes look great

It simply seems they’ve explored all the options.