Almost like art

Elderly women in Woodlands transform food wrappers & plastic packaging into bags & purses.
Creativity at its best.

On May 18, 2019, one May Woo took to Facebook to share what she found at the NTUC Health Active Ageing Club.

Woo stated that several weeks ago, she popped by the centre located at Kampung Admiralty in Woodlands to check out the activities offered.

Instead, she stumbled across a craft workshop where a group of elderly women were immersed in crafting items out of plastic packaging materials.

Turns out that these women, some of whom Woo mentioned were in their early 50s, were transforming used packaging into functional bags and purses.

They were using a variety of packaging, from plastic candy wrappers, instant noodle packaging, potato chips packaging, coffee or milo sachets, and even wrappers from non-food items such as diapers.

The wrappers are cleaned thoroughly, then cut into smaller strips, and folded and weaved together in a criss-cross pattern.

And here are the finished products.

The bags range from small sling purses, to larger shoulder bags.

Handles and slings recycled from broken bags are attached to the weaved plastic to give them new life.


Open to donations of plastic wrappers

In an update to the post, Woo added that the workshop was a free arts and craft session that occurred every Wednesday in the late afternoon.

It is apparently for senior citizens.

If you happen to have plenty of used plastic wrappers at home, you can send them to the Active Ageing Club instead of throwing them away.

It would be best to wash and clean the wrappers before sending them.

This one comes with a flap and magnetic clasp.
The shoulder bags even come with an inner lining and zip.

NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub, Singapore


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