Anthropologie's Earth Day Cork Project

To celebrate Earth Day in 2011, various cork supporters partnered with Anthropologie in all 153 of their stores, to help create a cork art window display promotion.
100 Percent Cork· Dedicated to preserving the tradition of natural cork, the ONLY all-natural and totally recyclable wine closure. Choosing cork is a choice for the planet.

Have you seen our Earth Day windows? They’re filled with—yep, you guessed it—cork! If you’ve missed our recent cork accolades, it might surprise you to know that this mighty green resource is 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. With sustainability in mind, we transformed stoppers into artwork that’ll be in stores throughout April. After, when the displays are broken down, the corks will go to Cork ReHarvest where they will go on to become fishing bobs, brand-new flooring, paper pulp and more.

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Coastal Wine & Dine

Anthropologie at The Market Common created these in April as part of their Earth Day promotion. They painted and created a large mural with 6,000 corks. They also died corks and made colorful planters.

Anthropologie Earth Day 2011

Anthropologie Earth Day 2011 Cork Window Displays – Succulents – Amy Kallen

Anthropologie Detail – Gemma Elizabeth

Anthropologie, Regent StreetMy RC London

Anthropologie Cork – Iloveshoplifting

If you’ve been in an Anthropologie store in the past month, you probably saw their amazing displays with cork – and each store is different! I’ve been to 4 of them this past month and they are all different and all so inspiring.

photo credits: top 5 from Anthropologie’s Facebook page, 2 from my iphone, next 4 from Anthropologie, last 2 from Anthropologie

Green Wedding Shoes

Put a cork in it… Scraphacker

Planters hanging in an Anthropologie store window – Lacylike

Cork Window DisplaysCarrie Potter

Anthropologie, London – Retailstorewindows

Anthropologie :: Cork & Wine Bottles Window Display – natalie barsumian

Famille Summerbelle

The cork window project I participated in at anthropologie last month was one of the coolest, most labor-intensive projects we did there. It was also for an environmental cause, and the end result was breathtaking. This awesome behind-the-scenes video is worth watching. It gives you an intimate look at anthro’s unique artistic approach and the many cool and different cork project results at stores across the nation. Our Chicago store was unique in that it was one of the few locations that a.) actually didn’t create an exterior-facing display in a window, and b.) featured a more formal, patterned structure- flowers and leaves- as opposed to a more sparse, organic, free form. I know that personally, I will never look at a wine cork the same way again ;).

A Quartzy Life


Everafter blueprint


Don’t be a Cork Dork – Recycle – Wine Fashionista

Style downtown

Designed by: Anthropologie Visual Team | Role: Assistant Display Coordinator – Bramble Workshop

Wendly Dooldeniya

Liz Whitaker

Behind the scenes video

We go “behind the scenes” at 3 Anthropologie stores to watch the creative geniuses, create amazing cork art window displays. 2.5 million natural wine corks were sent to 153 Anthropologie stores in the US, UK and Canada, to promote Earth Day and the cork forest conservation efforts of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance.

Anthropologie, America


Anthropologie is an American clothing retailer with approximately 200 stores across the U.S. and Canada which offer an assortment of clothing, jewelry, home furniture, decoration, beauty, and gifts.

Reuse + Renewal – Display + Design

Creativity is in the fabric of all we do. It’s obvious when you realize no two store windows are the same and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Since the first store opened in West Philadelphia we continually strive to connect with our customers through unique products and engaging store design. Our Anthropologie team creates a circular lifecycle in store displays by breathing new life into ‘used’ materials that are collected and then upcycled or recycled into the art you see in each store. Once stores no longer need these displays, they are donated to schools, libraries, or customers in exchange for a donation to a nonprofit.

Anthropologie is part of URBN, a portfolio of global consumer brands.

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