Artcycling Guide - Instructions for sustainable art and design production


Artcycling – Sustainable and inclusive art

Artcycling means recycling and upcycling through art. It stands for art that makes a positive impact on the planet, the people, and the artist.

Artcycling was created to help you do it all: make art, save the planet, and make a living. Together, we will make a cooperative of Art-cyclers, across the borders of Europe.

Artcycling: the project
Artcycling: the guide

Welcome to Artcycling. We hope this will change your life.

Groups, networks, and sites

Sustainable Art
A very brief introduction to sustainability
Making arts green
Materials and environment
Rethinking the value chain
Ethical economy and social entrepreneurship
The relational connections of art work

Recycling and upcycling
Definitions; recycling, upcycling
The life cycle of artworks
Serendipitous and creative:
– find what you can use and fail!
Recycling and upcycling materials in art work
– a shortlist to develop

Rethinking the heart of your art
Art at the heart
– remapping your artistic production
List of local case examples

Artcycling, EU


Sustainable and inclusive decorative arts (ReCycled)

The Art Cycling project intends to build a cooperative of decorative art creators, formed by mixed-ability artists, coming from different socio-economic backgrounds, life situations, with and without disabilities, but sharing the critical vision of upcycling and willingness to reduce the environmental impact of manufacture.

Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2018

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