Bottle top mural

Our latest Vasarely-inspired piece! We tried something new, and the lids/op art combo really paid off, don’t you think? Can you guess how many lids were used in the making of this video?

They were all picked up off the same stretch of beach, on one small island.

More about Make Art Not Waste

The ocean is in a state of emergency, sick from her deep seas to her shallow shores with plastic waste.

We are channeling a deep sadness into art in the hope it will have a positive impact for future generations…

Make Art Not Waste, Cambodia


Make art not waste came about in 2017 when Nina Clayton, an Environmental Science graduate and Dive Master studying marine conservation, became aware of the devastating amount of plastic waste in the ocean after witnessing it washing ashore daily on the remote island of Koh Seh in Cambodia.

Nina and other Marine Conservation Cambodia volunteers make artworks, mosaics, sculptures and installations from the beach finds. An outreach programme was created to spread awareness among schools and universities in Cambodia.

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