Bow Bins

Two worlds collide in this mash up of traditional crafts and industrial mass-produced goods. Muted earth tones and bright colours. Cool, smooth surfaces and warm natural texture. These extremes attract and reconcile, despite their differences. Handmade in Poland and Romania, where centuries-old crafts are still maintained. Plastic containers are worked through with local materials such as willow and rush.

Upon further investigation, if appears these were originally made with reclaimed materials.

“German designer Cordula Kehrer created this stunning series called Bow Bins. The Bow Bins are a collaboration with the Aeta people (indigenous inhabitants of the Philippines) and Preda, a fair trade NGO. Made from sustainably harvested rattan and reclaimed bins. I absolutely love the contrast between materials and the fantastic textures.” (1)

Gompf + Kehrer, Germany


The Gompf + Kehrer brand was founded by the two designers Verena Stella Gompf and Cordula Kehrer, and expresses a commitment to material and craftsmanship.

The collection of Gompf + Kehrer demonstrates that exceptional design begins with a harmonious interplay of design, materials and handcraft.

The result is furniture and home accessories that have their own spirit and tell their own story.

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