Braided loop chains

Here individual rings are cut with hand lever scissors and braided into a chain, this one is approx. 40 meters.

For a pillow you need more filling and finer cut than here. Everything has not yet been tested by me.

For chains, press the cylindrical part flat, then cut rings 3 – 5 – 8 – 10millimeters wide depending on use. The chain is about 5 meters long here, about 6 PET bottles. The necklace was put on me by course participants for fun. Still testing possibilities for hammocks, door curtain, decorations, gardening, bean bag, pillow stuffing. etc.

Pet-Art, Switzerland

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Eduard Aldrovandi from Zug shows that there is another way with his PETArt art. With a knife and a lot of imagination, he creates works of art in all colors and shapes from used PET bottles. And since Pet Ed, as the artist calls himself, sympathetically shares his knowledge with anyone who is interested, he also offers PetArt courses.

He also emphasizes on his homepage: “My pet art is free, I hereby expressly declare that anyone can copy it and also earn money with it.”


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