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Humans and Nature are at the heart of Junior Fritz Jacquet’s work, which can be found in his installations and his main series, including: Masks, Bonhomme Cannelle and Les Végétales.

By sculpting these simple symbols, specific to humans in their universal dimension, he shows us the poetry of the elements and tells us about life and its origins.


The Masks represent faces all very expressive and singular. Their earthy appearance is accentuated by a few colored touches of natural pigments which
give the paper a metallic appearance.

More masks from older work


This video by Origameasy shows that it is not easy!


Junior Fritz Jacquet, France

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Parisian paper sculptor, Junior Fritz Jacquet creates surprising objects that testify to an art of origami mastered at its highest level: masks, plants, statues, paintings and drapes in relief, and many other elements inspired by nature and everyday life.

Junior Fritz Jacquet’s approach is inspired by the Continuous Line in painting. Thus, each of his sculptures is made in one piece: from a single sheet of paper.

In order to give each of his works unique and aerial lines, Junior Fritz Jacquet folds, creases and models the paper by hand, without any collage or cutting.

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