Chair from school milk bag

Nowadays, the majority of the population tend to not see or overlook the useless little things or materials that are no longer used. What most people do is to leave. Which is what causes waste and disposal of these waste would not be able to escape from burning or buried May cause global warming and toxic air pollution So my group is searching for a way to recycle these waste or waste. By using from the so-called Sure enough rubbish and a used school milk bag, which is another type of garbage that everyone knows. Is something that everyone overlooks and sees as useless, while eliminating the risk of pollution. My group then thought that useless things were transformed from school milk bags to be invented as Chair from school milk bag And being a creative initiative to be useful, also saving money in everyone’s pockets and also getting inventions to use as well.

Benefits / features

1. Can be used for practical purposes in daily life
2. Can add value to unused items
3. Creativity in the production

Thai Invention

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