ChuChu - Loop Weaving with plastic

Windmill Loop Weaving was one of the first techniques used by ChuChu alongside their plastic fusing. These products are in their Yabadeh range of products woven from chip packets, detergent wrappers and instant coffee mix sachets.

They started with basic baskets, bags and bins and progressed to more complex designs. They have made some delightful woven elephants.

More recently they are delivering training to local groups.



2018 - 2019 - Training

ChuChu, Myanmar


Their aim is to transform waste into beautiful new products. They started as a project funded by the Italian NGO Cesvi. Now they run a self-sustainable social enterprise, supporting 45 people.

Originally called KyutKyut, The company got its name from a Burmese word “Chu Chu”, which means plastic bag. “When you touch a plastic bag, the sound it makes is like ‘chu chu’. So that’s how we came up with the name,” Wendy explained. Founded 1 April 2014

They transform used umbrellas, plastic bags, paper, cement bags, tires, tubes and wrappers into beautiful, unique bags, gifts, containers and clothing accessories.

ChuChu provides training in product design using recycled materials, and can customize course content based on the individual or group. They offer professional consultant work regarding the set up of general solid waste management systems.

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