Coffee bag bag with squaremill weaving

Over the years, I’ve woven dozens of coffee bags, but all of them have been with the same square weaving technique. Only the coffee bags and the width of the strips have been in the bags have varied. Lately, however, I’ve tried different weaving techniques and designed bag projects using them as well. Here is the first experiment with squaremill weaving.

Kulta Katriina’s packages have recently changed to a matte surface and a slightly more patterned direction. While still collecting them, it is good to use older models, which I have managed to accumulate quite a lot, especially traditional and organic ones. In this bag, the strips are cut so that there is a yellow or green stripe at the bottom of the strip. The upper part of the strip is black with Kulta Katriina text.

I designed the bag so that the horizontal strips are from organic coffee with green stripes and the vertical strips have yellow stripes from packets of traditional coffee. The bottom of the bag has strips with yellow stripes. The yellow and green stripes are also placed in the bag always in the same direction. Green at the top of the strips and yellow at the left.

In the video, you can watch instructions for making the bag.

162 coffee bags have been used in the bag. 66 pcs green and 96 pcs yellow. There are therefore a total of 162 strips.

The strip size is 15 x 7,2 cm and the width of the folded strip is 2,4 cm.

The size of the bottom of the bag is 15 x 30 cm and the height is 27,5 cm, which is one strip lower than the bag made with square weaving.

Ruutupunontaa, Finland


Here you will find instructions for making unique coffee bag baskets and bags using square weaving technique! With square weaving, you can make durable baskets and bags without a sewing machine, glue or tape. Coffee bags are woven into squares, which are connected to each other with a ribbon or string from hinges formed at the edges of the squares. Square weaving can also be applied to the weaving of non-square shapes, resulting in different shapes and sizes for bags and baskets. The different colors, patterns and sizes of the coffee bags provide limitless possibilities for creative design and weaving. At the same time, recycling the material of the coffee bags makes weaving a practical and inexpensive craft.

Ruutupunontaa translates as ‘check braiding’ or possibly ‘to weave squares’

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