The Corkers are an ongoing project, with a new collection coming out every year: Animals, Robots, Totem, Pinocchio, Classic Toys, In Space and Dinos. Kits of pushpins that can bring every bottle cork to life. By assembling the Corkers, they reveal their unique personality that can be altered and played with.

Reddish Studio, Israel


Founded in 2002 by Naama Steinbock  and Idan Friedman Reddish is a product design studio based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.

“We spend most of our time helping objects feel better about themselves”

Since their graduation from the Industrial Design department at HIT, they have been working side by side as partners in life and in the studio. They started working on their kitchen table, trying to carve our independent path of expressing their thoughts about design and their feelings towards objects.
Now, although the studio is more established, and the path seems somewhat clearer, they are keeping the excitement alive by blessing every opportunity to be completely ignorant, learning new skills and being bothered by new ideas. Design is neither their job nor our profession; it is completely weaved into their daily lives. Together, they are Reddish studio. 

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