Crazy About Recycling

Recycling has, at present, become an inescapable part of our daily lives. The demand and obligation to recycle waste, water, energy and resources encourage us all to draw upon creative ideas in order to successfully cope with these great challenges.

In our home, recycling is a personal and family tradition. It began with my grandfather, Haim Sarig, who would collect used nails and screws, and straighten them for future use. It continued with my Grandmother Miriam, who in the austerity of the 1950’s, would make dolls and toys out of old clothes. My Aunt Rena could fix anything and would bring home junk and old furniture and make them as good as new -Something I too, had picked up from a very early age.

I have always enjoyed creating, taking unwanted objects and with the help of my imagination, and a little work, creating something new and practical, beautiful and enjoyable.

During my years as a full time illustrator for children’s books, my recycling craze was more of a hobby. However, from the moment I was introduced to paper Mache and puppetry, my art and my recycling craze  were entwined, and the fountain of ideas and creativity has never stopped flowing.

I believe that art heals both the artist and the spectator.
I believe that art connects individuals to their own spirituality as well as connecting us to the spirituality of the universe around us.
I believe that art  belong to all of us, wherever we may live, whatever age we may be, in whatever we do.


Liat Binjamini Ariel, Israel


Liat Binyamini Ariel is an artist and illustrator, teaches creative workshops in papier-mâché,  recycled art, and puppetry in her studio. She has also illustrated childrens’ books.

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