Cup made out of plastic bottle

Made from a Detergent bottle. Very simple and clever design.

Technological Disobedience, Cuba

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Ernesto Oroza has been collecting examples of DIY inventions from Cuba since the 1990’s.  The Soviet Union collapsed (1991) marking the end of the USSR’s aids to the small island. The Cuban government proclaimed a “Special Period” of extreme rationing and shortages. A new era of creative enterprise started dedicated to making and tinkering.

It’s a true story of people using their own creativity and ability to improvise, invent, repurpose and repair objects.

Technological Disobedience is a research blog / virtual archive for the virtual exhibition « Futurs non-conforme », in 2016.

The term “technological disobedience” was first published in Oroza’s RIKIMBILI book. Une etude sur la désobéissance technologique et quelques forms de reinvention. [A study on technological disobedience and some forms of reinvention.]

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