Dismantling a box spring

Recently when I was clearing out our spare bedroom rather than hauling our ancient mattress and box springs to the curb like any normal person, I decided to spend several back-breaking hours dismembering the parts instead.

What do I have to show for my effort besides scraped hands and an aching back? Well, I have 3 boxes of bedsprings, 9 salvaged pieces of wood, more wood scraps suitable for firewood, some long pieces of spring, a large rectangular metal frame 2 bags of trash, and the satisfaction of knowing that I kept most of the box spring from ending up in the landfill.

Disassemble box springs

Box Spring String Lights

Upcycle Design Lab, US


The Upcycled Design Lab is a crafting blog by Cindy who is dedicated to upcycling and what you can make from unwanted, discarded items and trash. It really is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

“Of course we appreciate the beautiful, practical and useful designs but there are lessons to be learned from the not so beautiful not so useful items as well. So don’t be afraid to share your experiments. It is ok to laugh at what we consider to be our failures and brave to let other laugh and learn from them. And if you experiment enough sometimes your biggest messes turn into your best finished products.”

Main Research Source
What have we learnt?
  • Materials gained: Fabric, cotton wadding, coir, 2 different types of  springs, wood, metal frame
  • Tools used: Utility knife, scissors, elbow grease, rubber mallet, hammer, 5 in 1 tool, nail pulling pliers, screwdriver, gloves – No power tools needed
  • Cindy describes it as tough work