Eco robots

These robots are something that can be made from garbage, ordinary plastic, household waste – yogurt jars, plastic bottle caps and other parts.

The author of these crafts from garbage with his own hands, choosing caps and plastic bottles that are suitable in color and shape, fastens them with plastic clamps, sometimes supplementing them with other intricate details from some kind of devices, as a result, such robots are obtained.

DIY robots

Making a robot from improvised means similar to these is not at all difficult: you only need plastic garbage, plastic clamps, a glue gun, and an awl.

Caps and bottles made of plastic are very easy to pierce with an awl, then connected to each other with a clamp – with such fastening, the parts can even be a little mobile. All other parts can be glued with a glue gun.

The technique is not complicated – the main thing is to come up with an interesting image of a robot – here you will already have to show imagination and experiment, but then your creation will produce an indelible delight.

Especially enthusiastic emotions, I think, will be in children – therefore, this is a great idea for joint crafts for boys with their fathers – and they will spend time in joint creativity and rejoice in a joint children’s game with their robot toys.

To cut off parts of bottles or cans, you can use large scissors or a knife. By gluing parts of different parts from jars, robots get even more intricate and interesting.

Look at the claw of this ninja robot, it is specially cut out of the neck of an ordinary plastic bottle.
This white robot's weapons are made from liquid cleaning sprays.
And this cute robot has rollers made from plastic bottle caps, and in general, for the most part, it is all made of these plastic caps.
And on this bottle of drinking yogurt, replacing him, probably, with a weapon on his hands.
Here's what you can do with bottles and jars - very original and cute robots. Experiment in creativity - it's interesting.


Eco robots.reciclo, Italy

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Creative recycling with plastic containers, plastic caps by Marcial Vargas.

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What have we learnt?
  • They all have such different personalities
  • Making these is a great way to look at the shapes in plastics more carefully