Escape From Trash Mountain

Created by Ben Anderson, Jhess Knight, Amy Moule, Jacob Williams, Jess Davie, and Peter Nielson. Using puppetry and rubbish they deliver an epic tale of trashy proportions.

A puppet show with sustainability at its heart, Escape From Trash Mountain is a poignant look at how good relationships and fervent optimism are the key to saving our planet. The show’s central set piece is a large mountain of trash that transforms into a cave and becomes the epic playground for our heroes to fight trash bats, navigate treacherous ravines, and outwit hideous trash monsters!

Two performers operate 17 different puppets and facilitate all set transformations to bring the show to life. It runs approximately 40 minutes in length and can be immediately followed by a Trash Puppets workshop where the audience has the opportunity to make their very own Trash Puppet, guided by our expert puppet-maker performers.

Escape From Trash Mountain premiered at Auckland Live in September 2017 as part of their Pick’n’Mix program, followed by a season at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, where we were nominated for “Best Children’s Event”” in the Fringe Awards. The show then toured back to NZ for another season at Auckland live as part of their program “A day at Auckland Live”. Escape From Trash Mountain has since been performed in schools, theatres and events all over Victoria, at the Sydney Opera House and at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Escape from Trash Mountain is touring into Theatres in Victoria in September 2022.

Trash Puppets, Australia


Unfortunately the Pandemic and its associated effect on the education, arts and events sector, has meant that our “on call” puppet making workshop and roving performers program is no longer viable, and we have had to make the difficult decision to close it down permanently.

We are still touring our family shows.

Trash Puppets aims to educate adults and children alike on the concepts of sustainability, through creative puppet workshops where imaginations are expanded and play is key. Our workshops are suitable for school incursions, public events, birthday parties and corporate team building. Not to mention our Trash Puppets Show, that has toured internationally. Our professionally made roving puppets are also available for hire along with the workshops, or by themselves.

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I love the how the trash mountain transforms the setting and the trash monster puppet is excellent!