Windmill Loop weaving

Windmill loop weaving is a simple technique of interlocking loops and is an ideal way of joining a range of materials that can be cut into loops; card, inner tube, cartons, plastic bags and all types of packaging.

People all over the world are giving it a go and finding new ways to use it. Here’s a snapshot of some of them.

Folded link chain research

This is a simple method of attaching materials together. Here are a number of projects that use it in different ways and some research into the history of this technique.

Online books

Open Library is an absolutely wonderful resource – many old library books have been scanned and are available to borrow an hour at a time. A fantastic example of ‘Reduce’ (3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) reducing the need to buy new or second hand books or source out of print books.

Here’s a link to a few books I have found useful so far.