Garden of lottery tickets

A losing lottery ticket dropped on the sidewalk is a perfect object. It is beautiful – designed to tempt against long odds. It is filled with hope – hope that a piece of paper can change everything forever. And it is infused with disappointment. And if enough of these perfect, hopeful and sad objects find themselves together in the right environment, they can disintegrate into the sidewalk and grow into flowers.


Alex Lockwood, US


Alex Lockwood makes abstract sculpture from colorful material, often repurposed or recycled.

He builds with one primary component which is repeated many times to create patterns and structures. His material is often recognizable (bottle caps, shotgun shells, bread tabs and lottery tickets) though not always immediately. A familiar object seen in unfamiliar numbers can be alien at first glance, and Lockwood finds power and beauty in presenting commonplace material on an uncommon scale.

Alex Lockwood is a self-taught artist from Seattle, WA. He lives in Nashville with his wife and their two sons.

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  • Carla from Trashmagination has this to say:
    The flowers make you re-think what you can do with paper. How did he fold all those things? It serves an educational purpose because it makes you want to understand the material and methodology.