Gratification avoidance

I had decided early on that I would work on all four glove puppets simultaneously rather than one at a time. The reason for this was mainly to avoid gratification. Completely finishing a puppet, if I am happy with it, will give me a feeling of completion and success, making it very hard to go and work on the others. I wanted, if possible, to finish them all at the same time.

The Puppet Smithery, Australia


The Puppetsmithery is a Melbourne-based company that creates unique, custom puppetry experiences. Highly skilled in both puppet construction and performance, our team can help you to achieve your vision from the ground up.

The Puppetsmithery was founded by Jhess Knight. A talented and experienced puppeteer and puppetsmith, Jhess trained at the London School of Puppetry, and has worked in the industry for many years. Since the company was established in 2013, we have grown significantly and are very proud to employ an amazing team of artists.

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