How-to: a dreidel from an Acorn

When Zoe came home from school last Friday she was super exited. She rushed and opened her bag to show me a dreidel she made in class. Once she pulled it out I was as existed as she was. I am not sure what made me more existed the fact that Zoe understood the brilliance of this dreidel and wanted to share it with me so I can share it with you, or the simplicity, natural, easy to make, clean looking, and super spinning dreidel Zoe just showed me.
So here I am sharing this super easy tutorial with you.

You will need:

  1. Acorn shells (smaller ones work better)
  2. Modeling clay, you can find in any craft store. You could probably replace it with self hardening clay but I haven’t tried it.
  3. Matches (the ones with the square section that come in a drawer box)

Yes, that’s it.

How to:

  • Break a small piece of the modeling clay and shape it to an elongated ball.
  • Stuff the clay into the acorn shell; give it a little shape at the top.
  • Place a match in the center of the modeling clay. Face down.
  • spin, spin, spin

What do you think?
I hope you have acorns in your area. Enjoy this.


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