How to Make a Bag from Coffee Sachet

Have you ever seen that coffee sachet can be use into a bag? If you haven’t seen, we will show it to you now!

1. Wash the coffee sachet until it clean.

2. Cut it the two side like this.
3. Decide the pattern with what you want. (for ex: we use the coffee logo)
4. Fold it until the edge the coffee logo.
5. Make this form more.
6. Put it together.
7. Continue the pattern to resemble this part.

Eleven Green Club, Indonesia


Eleven Green Club (EGC) is one of extracurricular in 11 Senior High School Bandung, West Java, which consists of students who care about environment. Although we’re still a small organization, but we believe can save the earth from what we do. We try to improve the environment from the small things.

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