How to Make Perfect Earwires with a neat trick- Make 2 at a time

Learn to make your own earwires with a neat trick that lets you make a pair together so they match perfectly!

In this video I’ll introduce you to a special pair of pliers that makes the job easier, but also teach you how to use an everyday household object if you’re not quite ready to invest in a specialty jewelry making tool for the job. You’ll also learn two techniques for smoothing the ends of your lovely handmade earwires!


Wubber’s large bail making pliers

Wire Rounder Tool

From the comments:

I would suggest making earwires with a smaller mandrel, and longer ‘hook’ part at the back. If there’s not such a big curve at the top, (so they’re a bit more like the end of a paper clip and not so much an ‘S’ shape) it should make them tighter to the width of your earlobe so there’s not as much room to spin around!

You can definitely use a regular nail file (the sandpaper kind) and they work great!

I am using Xuron flush cutters. Be sure to only use them for soft metals (silver, copper, brass, aluminum, gold) and NEVER for steel as it will ruin them. Get a separate pair if you want to work with steel – there is a special kind for that. You should be able to cut 20 and 22 gauge wire very easily with the correct cutters. These particular ones are recommended for gauges up to 20 (remember the higher the number the thinner the wire) but I do use mine for 18 gauge and 16 gauge silver with no trouble. 



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