Inflatable Amnesty

Wyatt and Jack® are a sustainable British Brand, making bags and accessories from inflatables, up cycled vintage deckchair canvas and broken bouncy castles. Wyatt and Jack’s Inflatable Amnesty is a community where people can help collect broken inflatables and save them from landfill.

Since 2017 Georgia Wyatt-Lovell and her husband Steven Lovell, from the Isle of Wight, have been collecting inflatables and turning them into accessories. She says that the business has saved over 100 tonnes of material from landfill.

“They’re quite nice, the objects, and people have memories attached to them,” she says, recalling one customer who was proposed to on an inflatable flamingo, and asked her to turn it into a bag.

“People want to share the colours and the stories behind them. The whole business for me has really been about stories: stories of the beach, stories of British heritage.”

Georgia’s take on Upcycling/creative reuse

We have never said Wyatt & Jack are a ‘solution’, or that our bags will ‘save the world’. There are much bigger things going on here… BUT we can HELP. We can [and have] made a start.

A diversion. A ‘swerve’, as i like to call it…

A swerve which means less fabric ending up in landfill and those discarded fabrics being used again, plus less production of new materials, which means less carbon emissions from the processes… a start.

Wyatt & Jack, UK


Wyatt & Jack are a UK based sustainable brand, creating bags and accessories from salvaged bouncy castles, deckchair canvas and inflatables, since 2010.

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