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All these plastic bags thrown away, soiled, criticized, hated, banned, condemned ... I collect them, I store them, I cut them, I crochet: that's all! What I like is to assemble, string together colors, shades, rainbows ..... These bags, whose duration of use is estimated at 20 minutes on average, I try to transform them into something surprising, aesthetic maybe ????
An attempt to escape the circle ... but if the starting point is indeed an ellipse, then we always turn tirelessly; and no, it is not monotonous: the roses which dominate in this work vary from powdery to purple; This carpet also conceals a suspense: a red bag (from a large clothing store that also sells shoes in yellow bags !!!) So this red bag explains that it intends to deteriorate in a few weeks ... ..we will see....
CREATION IN THE SNOW It all starts with a palette of harmonious colors always renewed
The beginnings are fast and very rewarding: the colors find their rhythm and mutually enhance each other.
A moody cushion: one side blue-green-yellow ....
.... the other pink-red-orange ....
First exit to the terrace for the new cushion.
Close-up on the potato fillets that I like to mix with the plastic bags
a "just plastic bags" house makeover:
Close-up: it's not a real upholstery job but "çàm'suffit !!!!"
Sometimes I throw myself into the straight line and try to line up nice, roughly even rows: not easy .... and not for pro precise crochet technicians who like to count stitches!
The new cushion cheats a bit: the crochet square "plastic bags" is just sewn in large stitches on an old cover ... for more flexibility and comfort
More exactly, its packaging: a beautiful rare navy blue, with a little blue-white-red touch and some official mentions ..... To each his own vice: I crochet plastic and not just bags; I like to use slightly unusual plastics to create associations of colors and original materials. Small list (to be completed with your ideas) of what I have already crocheted:
All kinds of packaging for drinks packs (remove the transparent part and cut in circles), toilet paper rolls, paper towels, diapers, brioches , sachets of frozen foods (fries, green vegetables ...), all kinds of fillets: onions, potatoes, lemons, eggplants, large bags that wrap the vegetables in the crates at the market ... etc .... Markets are an inexhaustible mine; even without buying, we can recover all the packaging that is thrown in a pile or lying around! Wash, dry, cut, that's it!
I chose my colors with only one criterion: THE MOST POSSIBLE. I like the result: the random encounters between shades and materials are surprising and the (my) pleasure of the eyes always renewed!
The cushion is finished, front / back and I like to contemplate it on the terrace before giving it;
Found in an old "100 ideas" (September 1978 !!!!!!) this reclaimed carpet: the explanations page is missing but I think I'm remember * that it is made with socks and tights; he is one of the ancestors of my sources of inspiration, I have others who always have the same "snail" in common.
Do not count on me for more precise explanations with technical vocabulary .... I do everything "a visto de nas" (it is Occitan that can be translated by: random, feeling ... ..) And then, it's already a good effort to have finished this pouf which had been started since .....
Little doormat left to graze the good mountain grass has grown:
Amazed discovery of the aboriginal paintings at the Cathedral of Images of Les Baux de Provence ("Australia") .... I immediately started a carpet inspired by vaguely cellular shapes and structures (mitosis ????) and by associating all the possible colors of my always renewed palette ....
THE ROUND, first, becomes SQUARE:
Flight of cushions .... scattered among friends!
I don't like biodegradables... especially those who do not announce the color! I crochet them like the others and after a few months ...... CONFETTI !!!! Irreversible damage! Especially when it happens in the middle of a carpet! I am starting to register some complaints especially with the bath mats (water speeds up the process). We can always mend but it's not the same! So now I'm wary: usually it's written small and below and I'm starting to recognize them by touch; That said, I am not worried: I HAVE STOCK and many "suppliers" ... I also use - in small doses - other materials, as in this carpet:
They are full of advantages, these poufs-chests: folding, light, solid and when they are round it is even better!
special mention to the creator-salvagers who show and demonstrate that we can imagine another world.
1-First: sorting the bags (I am given a lot but there are more and more biodegradables and ... ..) 2-we cut more or less wide strips depending on the thickness of the bag 3-we make small balls
4-we crochet "washers" of all sizes, all shades .... and for this kind of carpet, I even use small bags of disposable tissues ..... 5-then, we assemble in sewing (a few stitches with a strong thread) 6-one day, we can decide that it is finished or to enlarge it, to widen it to infinity ....
There are beautiful varieties of blue plastics printed in the "bottled water" department of Grandes Surfaces; no need to buy: it is always full of empty packaging, only use the most flexible (hooking the too rigid is not good for the joints of crochet machines!)
a customized "justplasticbags" cover; strips cut from the onion bags

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