Loop di Loop Bags for Life, Indonesia

We are developing creative solutions with people in the local community around Batukaras for ways they can support their economic needs through environmentally sustainable products. Proceeds from creative initiatives will support the local craft makers and some may also help towards enabling CLEAR activities.

Here are some of our early creations…. Upcycled Woven “Loop-di-Loop” Bags:

These great bags are made from waste packaging that is not otherwise recyclable. Sachet packaging from coffee and other drinks is folded into loops, which can then be woven together to form patterns, and finished using neat folding techniques. The bags are stylish, strong and durable. They are providing an opportunity for people to supplement their family’s income, whilst also being a creative and environmentally beneficial activity.

These strong and stylish ‘loop-di-loop’ bags are handmade in Batukaras village from used coffee sachets that cannot be otherwise recycled. There are a variety of funky motifs and designs developed by craftswomen from the local area working with CLEAR representatives. (2)

2013 (3)

Clear Community, Indonesia


CLEAR offers a community-led approach to tackling the challenges of waste pollution and environmental degradation in Indonesia. Through ideas generated by the community we facilitate direct action to increase awareness and enable protection of the environment and prudent use of resources.

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