It’s OK to try something new.

It’s OK to make mistakes. You will learn a lot from them.

It’s OK to take risks.

It’s OK to take your time.

It’s OK to find your own pace.

It’s OK to try it your way.

It’s OK to fail. You can always try again free of fear.

It’s OK to look foolish.

It’s OK to be different.

It’s OK to wait until your feel ready.

It’s OK to experiment (in safety).

It’s OK to question the “shoulds”.

It’s special to be you.

It’s necessary to make a mess – which you are willing to clear up.

The act of creation is often messy.

Anne Sayre Wiseman, USA


Anne’s professional art career began in her teens, and included work in textile design, painting, drawing, sculpting, and numerous crafts and she exhibited widely.

For many years she supported her children by teaching Art, Crafts and conducted teacher-training workshops helping people access their creativity in many kinds of mediums including found materials, Bread Sculpture and the Fiber Arts.

As Program Director of the Boston Children’s Museum Visitor’s Center, she developed groundbreaking hands-on educational programs that allowed hundreds of visitors and teachers to experiment with hands-on paper making, loom building, the fiber crafts, kites, and anything that could be made by hand.

She published numerous books on art, crafts, and creative problem-solving, as well as memoirs and journals, illustrating all her books and lectures,

For fun she created the Thousand Clothespin Balancing Circus Of Endangered Species which has traveled from Provincetown to the DeCordova Museum; Toys Made by Artists Exhibit, and The Montshire Science Museum in Vermont.

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