Pot Holder Loom Weaving How To -- "Houndstooth"

I decided to share the joy and show you how to make a Houndstooth pot holder.

One of my favorite patterns to make on my loom is this simple version of Houndstooth. I have also seen it referred to as a pinwheel.  Whatever you call it, this patterns looks classy and is super easy to make.


This pattern uses two colors--I am using pink and green. Alternate two loops of green then two loops of pink across.
It can be helpful to hold up the loom and just focus on the sides.
Using the exact same pattern weave the loops though the first set-- two green and then two pink across.
Before finishing off the ends I like to flip the loom upside-down to make sure that everything looks right. If I don't like what I see at this point it is easy to remove the loops and begin again.

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