Rainbow Trash-to-Treasure Kits

Cut down on waste and help support our children’s art programs by purchasing one of our fun DIY art kits. All kits are made from donated materials and assembled by our amazing volunteers. This year we’ve been bottling them in all the colors of the rainbow! Choose from Pretty Pink, Rockin’ Red, Obsessed with Orange, Yay for Yellow, Galactic Green, Bottled Blue, Purple Power, Winter White & Stellar Silver 🌈

Keep in mind that no two kits are exactly alike, and that’s what makes them special! Take yours home and make art that’s as unique as you are. And don’t be afraid to add other recycled materials that you find around the house: Cardboard, bottle caps, shopping bags, discarded gift wrap, boxes and paper towel rolls all make fun additions to any creative reuse project.

Art Explorium, USA


Nurturing tomorrow’s creative thinkers
Art Explorium provides a fun, safe place where children of all ages have the opportunity and the permission to create freely. We firmly believe that art experiences are an important part of every person’s growth and development. Art Explorium strives to be an eco-friendly organization. Many of the art materials used in our projects are items that would normally be thrown in the trash (old pieces of fabric, used bottle caps, cereal boxes, magazines, ribbon, etc.).
Check out our online art tutorial videos for fun projects you can do at home! We have also created online lesson plans for teachers that parents can use at home with their keiki.

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