Soda/Beer Can Ashtrays

ashtrays made from cans!!

enjoy a beverage of choice. rinse and dry.
cut the top off of the can. i used old every day scissors.
cut strips and flatten out so it looks kinda like a flower.
now take one strip and bend over the strip to the left of it and fold over about 1/2 of the end underneath the ashtray (sorry kinda confusing to say)
continue all the way around!
Finished can!

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Soda Can Ashtray/Candle Holder – Alison K

Soda/beer Can Ashtrays – Geneva I

The key to this project, I think, is making the strips the right width and length – I’ve definitely messed up a few. There is also a tension that must be maintained as the strips are folded over and then under. The one on the left took longer because I left the strips really long and added extra folding steps. I started to trim them, but I liked the look of the pattern made on the underside, so I left them.

Soda/beer Can Ashtrays – Tom’s

This was made using a small, 250ml can of Pimms. I folded over the sharp points to smooth it off. I made my edges spikey.

Soda/beer Can Ashtrays – Grace D

My brother got me to make loads of them so now im flogging them to my brothers mates for however much the drink it plus a pound 🙂

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