Sustainability of this project


Being a web-based project, our biggest environmental impact is the server resources that run our website.

  • Hosting – We host our sites with a company that places emphasis on energy-saving design. Their data centres run without air-conditioning (water-cooled instead), they recycle their components (in-house), and work towards improving their energy efficiency and prolonging their life cycles in their design, manufacturing and operational processes.
  • Electricity – Our next largest impact is our electricity usage. We are fortunate to live in an area where up to 95% of electricity is produced by renewable resources (hydro) – so we’re happy about that (as long there isn’t a prolonged drought!).
  • Computers – Ours are secondhand and old but still do the job. Over the years we have replaced hard drives, keyboards, screens, charging units and more to keep them going for longer and prevent the need for full replacements.
  • Function – This is an image heavy site and is growing. I try and make sure that I reduce the size of images here so they aren’t mega sized – and so will use less resources overall.



This project isn’t funded and doesn’t use advertising or social media to generate income. We are currently exploring ideas about how to develop a clean energy hosting system that can can support itself financially, and that would in turn support this project.



  • Personal – Taking small steps towards positive action has a positive impact on personal well-being.
  • Wider – We’re working on that one. If this project has been useful to you, please let us know!