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Send Your CD’s Inside A Milk Carton Envelope!

Due to the fact that I do not like the plastic CD cases I always had a problem when I wanted to send CDs via snail mail.

When standing once in the kitchen, I recognized that we are consuming quite a large number of milk and juice which results in a great number of diverse cartons. Milk cartons are not just light, but also made out of quite strong material,perfect to a CD case!

All you need is an empty, cleaned Milk (or Juice) Carton, a cutter and a sewing machine. In case you don’t have the last one, you can solve the problem by sewing it by hand or using a stapler or some tape.

The CDs which I sent arrived in one piece and without a scratch! “Bravo for the Japanese Milk Carton!

By Benigna Iwasaki BCOME


Milk Carton
Cut the bottom off
Cut the bottom line straight off
Cut the top diagonal
Cut off one of the top triangles
Cut a slit to close the envelope
Add a fold
Close the bottom with the sewing machine (sew it by hand, use a stapler or some tape)
Fasten with square knots the bulk threads
Use a needle and push the thread through the middle
Cut off the bulk thread
Complete corner detail
The completed CD envelope
Insert the CD
Close the envelope
add stamp and address and mail it!

BCOME, Japan


BCOME is Benigna Iwasaki, a German designer based in Tokyo. Iwasaki has spent over ten years living in Japan. Thus, she thrives on bringing the best of East and West together. The clear and minimalistic style, considering a good balance of tradition and modernism, a perfect match of shape and colors – this adds up to the distinct BCOME style.

With BCOME, Iwasaki makes her very contribution also to environmental issues as seen in many of her recycled products.
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