The Story of Plastic (animated short)

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The Story of Plastic (animated short) pulls back the curtain on the plastic pollution headlines, revealing the true causes and consequences of the global plastics crisis. This animated short is a companion piece to The Story of Plastic (documentary), which premiered in April of 2020.


The Story of Plastic (animated short) was written by Brett Chamberlin, Michael O’Heaney, and Ruben DeLuna. Animation by Ruben DeLuna Creative, voiceover by Tiza Mafira. Based on “The Story of Plastic” feature-length documentary.

The Story of Stuff project, USA


We have a problem with Stuff: we have too much of it, too much of it is toxic, and we don’t share it very well. But that’s not the way things have to be.

Founder Annie Leonard made an online documentary, The Story of Stuff in 2007, starting an honest conversation about our consumption-crazed culture. Since then 9 animated movies have encouraged viewers to support environmental projects and campaigns.

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This animated documentary short investigates the state of the plastics industry and gives a brief overview of the entire manufacturing process: extraction, transport, refining, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal. It highlights how businesses have turned to plastic production in more recent times, since the decline in gas and oil, with plans to build or expand over 300 petrochemical plants in the US alone by 2025. However, the documentary offers hope for systemic change, such as phasing out single-use plastics which pollute the most, resulting in a zero-waste future in which products are reused, repaired or effectively recycled. ‘The Story of Plastic’ provides a great introduction to environmentalism and sustainability.