Voxel unit-weaving with singly-folded weavers

Expanding the ‘missing corner’ pattern a little bit reduces the number of folds

By expanding slightly the ‘missing corner’ pattern it is possible to reduce the number of folds in each weaver from three to one. The angular rotation needed to accomplish this is 22.5 degrees (pi/8 radians.)

When weavers need to be bent before weaving, having a single fold greatly reduces the parts inventory.

The ‘missing center’ pattern has no such solution: it always requires triply-folded weavers:

The ‘missing center’ pattern always needs triply-folded weavers.

Model of a cube (a single voxel) loop-woven with singly-bent loops.

There are only three bend states for singly-bent loop weavers: bent convex, bent concave, and unbent. Manufactured loops of those three types suffice for weaving any voxellated surface.


Weave Anything, United States


Weave Anything, by James Mallos, is about weaving computer-designed baskets.

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