Wonderful DIY Woven Plastic Bottle Vase

Recycle your plastic bottles, you can make this crystal vase for your home .It’s a really fun craft, and also a nice way to use upcycled plastic bottles. This plastic  bottle vase with flower  will look beautiful on your desk or table . Follow the below tutorial, learn how to make it, you can add some decorations for the vase

What you will need :1500 ml plastic bottle, scissor

1. Cut the plastic bottle in two half .
2. Cut the bottles lengthwise to strips of equal width
3. Put the bottle upside down, press it firmly and make it no longer a rebound retraction when putting back.
4. Start to weave,make 4 stripes as a group
5.Weave the first strip, second, third…
6. Weave all other stripes with the same way.


For make a beautiful vase, plastic strips have to be cut out in the same width, and the distance from the bottom of each pieces also should be consistent. Because plastic is light, you can decorate vases with some stones at the bottom to increase the weight.



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