Bags woven to order in Thailand

Beautiful designs and professionally finished. This maker has a good eye for design. The first time I have come across this ‘made to order’ process for these bags. I was struck by  how the woven pieces look like printed fabrics.





Kaktadai, Thailand

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คักแถะได๋ – Khạk t̄hæa dị̌ – Kaktadai – Make a twist

Accepted for lining coffee bags, mail bags woven bags Made to order bag
The process of sending the bag into the lining (By mail)
1. Tell the bag size (tell in rows) Bottom of the bag / height / width With a bag
2. Send a sample of the desired bag strap (picture can be viewed on the page Album bag strap)

3. Wait for a rough price calculation from the shop.
4. Send the bag that you want to get into the shop
– Wait for the shop to inform you that the bag has arrived at the shop –
5. Transfer money at the agreed amount (The price may differ + – not more than 100 baht)
6. Wait to receive the bag

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