Recycling in the Classroom

This is … a workmanship of dairy products, school flooring, sitting, standing, standing, beautiful, different to another

Scrap recycling – Variety of decorations, such as mobiles and baskets ….. are all created by using waste materials that are not difficult to find in local schools and not destroying the environment such as school milk bags. Multipurpose plastic bags (baking cups) coffee tubes, tea tubes …..

To be used as a cost of cutting, pulling, connecting, as the children thought and planned .

Sufficiency economy approach … to support learning. Motivation and preparation for children to study in basic occupational and technology fields

The delicate, creative thinking of the students. Although not a professional But it is believed that it will be a cost that children will get ideas and practice repeatedly to develop into handmade, extra careers …

But the more thing that the teacher Tien Sri Ratta can tell and touch is that the children will concentrate Have a mind that is determined Some children who have a habit of stubbornness, attention deficit hyperactivity, as children when sitting sat and erupting. It takes time and challenges. As a result, the children develop a better personality, cute, admirable, admirable astonishing.

The teacher Thian Sriracha and Teacher Thephin Jai tie in an atmosphere surrounded by recyclable waste work of little students. Grade 4 – Grade 6, which, if not processed or designed into articles, appliances, inventions, these materials are no different from “waste” as pollution to the environment. But Hong Li Kindergarten With the administrators and teachers working together to create projects “Change junk into currency Promoting local wisdom “ … from garbage, ready to be discarded and destroyed and turned into gold, therefore …

Inventions from recycled waste

Part of the media and ideas of the Hongli Kindergarten teachers (Mengrai Maharaj sponsor camp), Muang District, Chiang Rai Province, therefore is one form of teacher learning and paradigm paradigm. Which the little deer from a bottle of drinking water A flower from a goblet A rug from a school milk … The value of the sample obtained from scrap materials without destroying nature and the environment. Therefore, it is a process of enhancing the desirable traits for students, both mentally and creatively. Skill development to create extra income at the school and the Hong Li community. Should be proud together And developing and expanding from school to community, it should reflect the success of the Hong Li classroom to recycle waste into a very valuable currency ….

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Even concrete poles, school buildings that may not look bright with age and construction. Teacher Thian Si brought the work of the floor, carpet, school bag which the students together trimmed, fastened, interlocked, strong, strong, then wrapped until many concrete pillars in the early childhood building look beautiful, strange, strange to see.

Hong Li Kindergarten, Thailand

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Hong Li Kindergarten (Meng Rai Maharat Upatham Camp) (โรงเรียนอนุบาลฮองลี่ (ค่ายเม็งรายมหาราชอุปถัมภ์)

Rob Wiang Sub-district, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

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