by Marie Koenig (1910)

David Mitchell gives the following:

‘Travaux Recreatifs Pour les Enfants de 4 a 10 Ans’ by Marie Koenig, was published by Librairie Hachette et Cie in Paris in 1898. My thanks to Michel Grand for drawing the earlier edition of this book to my attention.The book was republished in 1910 by the same publisher under the title ‘Distractions Enfantines’. As far as I know the contents of the two editions were identical.

The introduction reads (using Google translate):


To Mothers and Kindergarten Directors.

The success of Le Monde en papier and Bouts de fil encouraged us to compose this new collection. The small occupations it contains are intended to amuse the children while accustoming them to becoming dexterous.

We have chosen from the works created by the principals of schools those that they have experienced with success, and of our personal inventions, we only present those that we have seen executed before our eyes by the children.

This little book has long been requested by mothers to occupy children when they are tired of running around on long vacation days, on rainy days, or when the dear little ones are kept in the room by an illness. passenger.

These works will also serve as models for children wishing to offer a gift to their parents, on New Year’s Day and on holidays.

For this purpose we have classified these small recreations by month to facilitate the search for collos which one will wish to indulge according to the seasons.



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The title translates as ‘Childish Distractions’ in the sense of being diverting or amusing.