Bottle cap steps

These projects were made by Louise Wauters and Nina Clayton of Make Art Not Waste in and around Kep, Cambodia. The plastic is collected cleaned and sorted into colours.

Cleaning and sorting out the colours, coming up with a design and immortalising in cement.

Pure colour


This is one of the floors we made using lids, caps and other pieces of plastic found on the beach. It is more comfortable than concrete, looks great, and is turning waste into something beautiful.

The last image is of the steps a year on which as said to be aging well.

Flower power

Over 4000 bottle caps were collected, cleaned and sorted to create these steps. That’s over 4000 single-use plastic bottles. Buy yourself a reusable bottle to love and use forever to help stop this madness.


Lid step

All these colourful lids were picked up off the beach and turned into a beautiful mosaic. Steps out of beach ‘trash’.

Make Art Not Waste, Cambodia


Make art not waste came about in 2017 when Nina Clayton, an Environmental Science graduate and Dive Master studying marine conservation, became aware of the devastating amount of plastic waste in the ocean after witnessing it washing ashore daily on the remote island of Koh Seh in Cambodia.

Nina and other Marine Conservation Cambodia volunteers make artworks, mosaics, sculptures and installations from the beach finds. An outreach programme was created to spread awareness among schools and universities in Cambodia.

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