Lighter Lampshades

Here are some more of the beach lighter candle holders & lampshades we have been working on.

From beach trash to functional design, we’re all about the plastic metamorphosis.

Keeping plastic out of the ocean & using art to spread awareness.


More about Make Art Not Waste


1. Go down to the beach to see what’s on offer.
2. Collect loads of disposable lighters.
3. Make them safe by cleaning & removing gas.
4. Have a play!

Here’s a video showing how to pull apart the lighters and release the gas. Care recommended.

A translucent wall

Make Art Not Waste, Cambodia


Make art not waste came about in 2017 when Nina Clayton, an Environmental Science graduate and Dive Master studying marine conservation, became aware of the devastating amount of plastic waste in the ocean after witnessing it washing ashore daily on the remote island of Koh Seh in Cambodia.

Nina and other Marine Conservation Cambodia volunteers make artworks, mosaics, sculptures and installations from the beach finds. An outreach programme was created to spread awareness among schools and universities in Cambodia.

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